Alpha - Omega

 Day is done,

 Gone the sun,

 From the lakes,

 From the hills,

 From the sky,

 All is well.

 Safely rest.

 God is nigh

Name                                   Member ID       State       Chapter      Passing                  Biography

John "Phoenix" Brown            FM-7630         VA             27-2         7/15/2014         Chapter Biography

Richard "Trike" Amick, SR      FM-2061          VA             27-1        6/16/2014          Chapter Biography

Doug "Black Water" Patrick    FM-7395          VA             27-2       11/13/2016         Chapter Biography

Darlene "Darla" Benson         FM-7630           VA             27-2        11/6/2016          Chapter Biography

Bruce "Double Duce" Webster  FM 2075        VA            27-2        07/26/2017        Chapter Biography