Chaplain's Corner

Project Josiah Restoration Ministry



When was the last time you thought about all the things you have?  We all have bikes, a home, probably a car or truck, and numerous other things.  And when I do a new project around the house, I find I need new tools, i.e., new things.


When I look at or think about these things, I am happy.  I worked for the money to buy the things I have.  When I’m grilling on my back porch and I take a look out over the back side of my house I see a large yard, a shed with my bike in it, toys my grandkids left out, etc., and I feel good about it.


But do you ever pray about the things you have?  Almost daily I praise God, thanking him, saying “thanks for the resources to buy this bike and everything else I own.”  I also pray for my family; my immediate family, my CVMA family, and my church family.  People ask me why I’m always in a good mood, this is why.  I have been so blessed by you (yes you, the one reading this message) being in my life.  I then realize the bike is nothing more than a vehicle (pun intended) to bring us together.  It is this closeness with others we look for, and the bikes allow us to do this.


So next time you find yourself in the zone, riding along and just loving it, try thanking God for what you have.


"Keep our brother PB and his wife and our sister OCII (Angie) in your prayers.  PB was admitted to the hospital on Thursday, May 12th.  He will undergo some tests this weekend and may require cardio-bypass surgery.  Lord, you are the ultimate physician, we ask you keep our brother and his family in your care and guide the doctors as they treat PB.  Amen"


Thank you Lord:

For a roof over my head

Food on my table

A way to pay my bills

Watching over my family and friends, every day.




When:     Mondays from  6:45pm – 7:45pm

Where:     Dumfries United Methodist Church, 3890 Cameron St, Dumfries, VA 22026, United States (map)


The Project Josiah Restoration Ministry is to help those going through some personal issues, to include PTSD and TBI.  This is not another "head shrinker" or religious event, we just talk, vet to vet.

Visit for more info.  Dinner is available (free) from 5:45 -6:10 p.m.