Combat Veterans



Northern Virginia

Chapter 27-2

In Honor of Doug "Blackwater" Patrick (1967 to 2016)

Douglas Lionel Patrick, passed away November 13th 2016 doing the second thing he loved most in this life, riding his motorcycle.  The one thing he loved more and will by far top any list are his children Drake and Amber.  Doug will always be remembered by his love, his charity and his devotion to his family.  His outlook on life continues to keep me in awe.  A man who in 2006 changed me as a person.  His friendship took me, and others, to a whole new place in life.  We have laughed, we have cried, we have spent countless hours being battle buddies on not 1, but 2 different war fronts.  You were the rock when we needed it.  You were the friend when we didn’t have one.  You were the light in the darkness that we all call life.  It’s very difficult to understand why such a good man had to leave this world so early. Part of us will always be missing. We will continue to watch your babies grow and turn into the wonderful human beings that they are.  You created a solid base in those two wonderful children that will continue to guide them in ways they will never even think of. Your legacy will always live on in those two wonderful children of yours and Michelle's. Thank you for all the times that you have been looking out for me from above and keeping me safe, and helping me make the right decisions. Thank you for being the person that you were and being my friend and being my brother. I love you very much my brother.