Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association (CVMA) Chapter 27-2 of Northern Virginia welcomes your communique with our Chapter Officers. You can find a list of Chapter Officers and their contact information at the “Contact Us” Tab.  If you have any questions concerning our Organization, its purpose, its mission or its strategic direction that is not answered on this web site, please email the Chapter Adjutant Rhonda "LowSide" Waugh at


Membership requirements include being a person of good character as well as possessing a current motorcycle endorsed drivers license by your state of domicile and to own and operate a motorcycle of 500cc or above.


There are three categories of membership:


      1) Full Member,

      2) Support Member, and

      3) Auxiliary Member.


You can find the CVMA by-laws at  The by-laws will provide a detailed description of all the membership categories as well as discuss in detail who we are, membership, state chapters, etc.

Potential Members of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association (CVMA) Northern Virginia Chapter 27-2


Attending a monthly meeting is recommended for all potential members of CVMA 27-2, you should have an opportunity to check us out before completing an application.  You are also welcome to ride with us to ensure we are a good fit for you.  Lastly, we suggest you browse our website to gain a better understanding of our lives as CVMA 27-2 members.


Once you are comfortable with our mission in life and want to be a part of this great organization contact the Chapter Adjutant for an application.  The Chapter Adjutant is Rhonda "LowSide" Waugh and can be reached at


After completing the application make sure you have the required document(s) and have made arrangements to pay the application fee.  You may pay the application fee by check, cash, or PayPal.  This covers the application fee and your first year's dues.  If you pay by check make the check payable to CVMA, the amount of the fee is outlined below.  If you are paying by either check or cash make sure you have all the required paperwork with your applications and give everything to the Chapter Secretary (Rhonda "LowSide" Waugh).  If you use PayPal, send the fee to as friends or family; in the remarks of PayPal provide your name, road name and state this is for <blank> member fee.


Application Fee for a Full Member is $20.00, a check is made payable to CVMA.


Application Fee for a Support Member is $10.00, a check is made payable to CVMA.


Application Fee for an Auxiliary Member is $10.00, a check is made payable to CVMA.

Thank you,


Ross "Bird" Woodley

VA 27-2 Commander


Application Process to become a Member of CVMA 27-2